giCentre PhD topics

giCentre is one of the UK's largest academic data visualisation groups, with about 15 academics, researchers and PhD students who are working at the forefront of information visualisation and visual data science. We contribute to the Department's hugely successful MSc in Data Science programme and have close working relationships with the other Research Centres in the department. We have a good working office space and working environment and welcome new researchers joining or otherwise interacting with our group.

We are interested in PhD candidates with interests in our core areas which include: visual data science (analysis; Turkay, Slingsby), geographical analysis (Dykes, Wood, Slingsby), analysis of movement (Slingsby), representation and use of uncertainty (Slingsby), human-computer interaction with visualisation (including use of eye-tracking; Jianu), storytelling (Wood), design studies (Dykes, Slingsby), evaluating visualisation (Dykes, Jianu), and geometric algorithms (including approximations and fixed-parameter (in)tractability; Giannopoulos). Please contact us if you want to talk through some ideas with us. Some PhD topics are suggested below, but these are just examples of the kind of work we would like to supervise. If you'd like to discuss any of these further, please email