Seminar - Miriah Meyer

Designing Effective Visualizations Through Design Study Research

Thursday 19th October

15:00 - 16:00

ELG01 (Drysdale Building)


Miriah Meyer is in London for the O'Reilly Velocity conference and will be visiting City to give a giCentre co-ordinated Departmental Seminar.

Miriah runs the Visualization Design Lab at the SCI Institute, University of Utah. She is well known in the visualization community for innovative visualization designs that have been used in a range of disciplines (MizBee, PathLine, MulteeSum, Poemage) and her authorship of the highly influential Design Study Methodology.

A great speaker (even with jet-lag), Miriah is well-known for her excellent TEDx and Pop-Tech talks on visualization and has received a host of awards and is listed as one of the top young innovators in MIT Technology Review's TR35.

For full details check the Biography and Abstract.

giCentre @ IEEE VIS 2017

We have 3 InfoVis, 3 VAST, 1 TVCG, and 2 CG&A papers that will be presented at IEEE VIS 2017 in Phoenix early October. We also have 2 InfoVis posters, one of which was awarded Best Poster Honorable mention, one award winning VAST Challenge entry. We are also involved with a panel on design studies, the BioVis Challenge, and the Velo Club de VIS Meetup and bike ride.

The full list of our contributions, pre-prints, data sets, movies and other materials are available for download at our vis2017 page.

Two Full-Time Positions for up to 12 Months

We are currently recruiting to two post-doctoral research posts in our Visualization Group.

These are full-time positions, based in London, that last for 10 and 12 months from September 2017:

Both positions involve designing and developing data visualization solutions in interesting application areas, require technical skill and creative thinking and are due to start in September 2017.

We're a dynamic group based in a recently developed space and centred in an exciting part of London - on the edges of both TechCity in Shoreditch and the Knowledge Quarter around Kings Cross. We're a short ride from major stations, within sprinting distance of excellent coffee and have a strong reputation for effective and innovative design and high quality research.