Visual depiction of temporal trends in movement

The visual depiction of large numbers of movements is challenging, but it is even more so where we are interested in changes of movement over time. There are opportunities to combine analytical techniques from data mining to help summarise important patterns of movement, but these will need to be encapsulated in effective and intuitive information visualisation. There is also the potential to investigate the impacts of missing or imprecise data in characteristing these trends. There are many potential applications of this work.

 - Review approaches to the visual depiction of origin-destination data
 - Review approaches to the visual depiction of temporal trends
 - Design and implement visual approaches to summarise temporal trends in movement data
 - Evaluate their effectiveness
 - (Ideally) produce a library to enable others to use these approaches.
 - Geographical data
 - Information visualisation
 - Digital prototyping and implementation preferably using JavaScript
 - Evaluation

This topic was suggested by Dr Aidan Slingsby. Please direct further enquiries to the giCentre.