Characteristing objects based on spatio-temporal aspects of their movement

The movement of people, animals and other moving objects can indicate a great deal of information about them. This project will help formalise the characteristics that can be used to do this. We have a large dataset of animal movements and access to users of these data. There is also the potential to investigate the impacts of missing or imprecise data in characteristing these trends. There are many potential applications of this work.

 - Identify the extent to which objects can be characterised by their movement
 - Identify characteristics of movement can do these effectively
 - Implement an interactive querying interface to enable experts to filter objects using these criteria.
 - Create, evaluate and reflect on a framework for helping characterise objects based on spatio-temporal aspects of their movement.


 - Geographical data
 - Information visualisation
 - Digital prototyping and implementation preferably using JavaScript
 - Evaluation
This topic was suggested by Dr Aidan Slingsby. Please direct further enquiries to the giCentre.