Literate Visualization

Increasingly we are seeing software for generating visualization being embedded in live documents that mix textual narrative, graphics and code. Examples include Observable, Jupyter and R Notebook. This opens up new opportunities to enhance such environments and change the practice of designing, constructing, sharing and using visualization. The giCentre has developed a new framework for considering integrated narrative and visualization – Literate Visualization  –  and we seek interested researchers to help develop both the theory and practice.

Objectives (can focus on a subset of these)
 - Review existing and emerging approaches in narrative-based visualization
 - Enrich the theory of Literate Visualization
 - Develop Literate Visualization construction software
 - Evaluate Literate Visualization as a design and communication process.
 - Story telling in Visualization
 - Visualization Design
 - Construction of web-based visualization software
 - Visual Data Science

This topic was suggested by Professor Jo Wood. Please direct further enquiries to the giCentre.