Spatiotemporal data mining for movement ecology

GPS tracker technology is revolutionising ecological research. Movement Ecology is the science of using these data to infer behaviours that were not previously known to learn more about the organism, how it interacts with its environment and it sensitivity with the environment. This cross-disciplinary project will take advantage of a long-term collaboration with a movement ecology group to apply the latest data mining techniques to detect places of ecological significance for these animals at appropriate spatial scales.


  • Review: Review the state of the art of movement ecology and spatiotemporal data mining
  • Implement: Implement appropriate versions data mining techniques that can be demonstrated to users
  • Test and evaluate: assess the utility of these methods for achieve movement ecology goals


  • Development: ability to build interactive visualisation interfaces that connect to statistics and data mining libraries/software
  • Statistics: a good understanding of applied statistics
  • User-centred work: open to designing, testing and evaluating these interfaces with analysts from different domains  
  • Other: Handling datasets, working with geographical data


This topic was suggested by Dr Aidan Slingsby. Please direct further enquiries to the giCentre.