Audio-Visual Narrative in Data Visualization Design

Storytelling is an emerging and popular theme within information visualization. Most research in this area focuses on narrative structure and visual design to support storytelling. This PhD topic would consider how narrative in musical composition and use of sound can enhance the narrative process in visualization. 

This research would take place in the giCentre but with additional supervisory input from the Department of Music at City University.


Objectives (can focus on a subset of these)
 - Review theory and practice in information visualization storytelling
 - Review theory and practice in narrative in musical composition
 - Evaluate the effectiveness of musical composition in supporting narrative visualization
 - Develop theory in audio-visual narrative visualization design

 - Data visualization design
 - Music composition
 - Digital music technologies
 - Narrative in visualization and music

This topic was suggested by Professor Jo Wood. Please direct further enquiries to the giCentre.