The Velo Club de VIS is a lightweight (dis)organization with the aim of encouraging IEEE VIS participants to ride together on a pre-determined route on the weekend following the conference.

Last year we marked IEEE VIS’ own Tour de France by establishing an open and informal road cycling club as a post-VIS tradition.

This year we are planning another Tour on Saturday 31st and a gentler Prologue on Friday 30th - a Lakefront social ride. 

Terms of Reference, information on Le Tour de VIS 2015 and other details are at :

We ask all riders to attend the MeetUp at IEEE VIS for a briefing at which we will :

  • confirm the routes and timings
  • share contact information
  • consider the weather forecast and group riding
  • get riders to sign on for the ride
  • iron out any issues that arise
  • decide whether we are going for pasta on Friday (all welcome) 
  • distribute club jerseys for those who ordered (and have paid)

Others who wish to join the club are welcome as we use the MeetUp to :

  • reflect on the club and its operation
  • encourage cycling at IEEE VIS and in the VIS community
  • volunteer for roles in next year's Velo Club 
  • plan for the 2016 ride in Baltimore(?)  

Likely Agenda :

  1. Terms of Reference for Randonneurs - Jason
  2. Le Prologue - Miriah & Brian [DIVVY bike explanation, Le Prologue map, hopleaf bar]
  3. Le Tour de VIS - Wes, Lora [LeTourDeVIS route; regrouping points; contact information; weather forecast;]
  4. Riding in Groups - All
  5. Sign-up - Jason
  6. Jerseys - Jason
  7. 2016 - Jason & All [format; roles; volunteers]
  8. etc.

Les Randonneurs du Velo Club de VIS

Jason Dykes,   Danyel Fisher,  Miriah Meyer,  Brian Price

Ross Whitaker, Wesley Willett, Jo Wood