It is down to each rider to organise the acquisition of a suitable bicycle for road cycling for Le Tour de VIS through their own initiative and at their own cost. Bringing your own bike, or borrowing one from a local colleague, may be a good solution - you can probably think of others. We sometimes try to do something a little more collective - Phoenix, Berlin …



We have about 20 bikes available from English Bay Bike Rentals and will get a group rate on Road Bikes if we order 15 from them.

Their Road Bikes are OK - Specialized Allez - and not too expensive at around $45 US, $55 CA per day.

If you'd like a bike, enter your details on the Velo Club de VIS Bike Booking Form.

We'll work on a first come first served basis according ot their stock (of about 20 bikes).



We have negotiated with RAD-KREUZ in Berlin who will provide 19 carbon, ultegra/105 road bikes.

We will collect them from RAD-KREUZ on Hagelberger Str. 53 at 8am on Saturday and begin the ride there. We will return the bikes to the shop at the end of the ride before 2pm Saturday.

Schönefeld airport is 20 mins away by taxi or just under an hour by S-U Bahn with one change - details here.

Our sign-up was on a first come, first served basis - the bikes have now gone and we have been in touch if you have a bike ordered :

Other options are listed on listnride, - you are on your own there, and you’ll need to get the bike to RAD-KREUZ by 8am to start the ride.

There are some bargains though!


If you need to rent, you can do so as part of the group with Arizona Outback Adventures.

You can book a bike online and provide all your measurements and details.
Please mention VELO CLUB DE VIS in the extra information field.

You will be asked to sign a waiver online and for details as regards your height, frame size etc. It works really well.

We have arranged for club bikes to be delivered to the Hyatt Regency on Friday evening and returned on Saturday afternoon. We will arrange storage in a locked room until you pick up Friday evening. You will then need to arrive at the hotel with your bike on Saturday morning and drop-off again at the hotel after the ride. The bikes will go back into the locked storage room and then be picked up by AOA later on Saturday afternoon.

Rental charges are 100% refundable until 48 hours before the date of rental. Less than 48 hours prior to your rental the payment is due in full for the duration for which you have reserved the bikes. So we need the MeetUp more that 48 hours before rentals begin with the option to cancel things if individuals feel unwell of if the conditions are predicted to be poor.


AOA have lots of different bikes in all sorts of styles and sizes. Here is a quick run-down with the most costly and fancy options at the top.

Questions to them please!

ELITE $140
Wow! I can't afford one of these.

HIGH PERFORMANCE $110 - 2016 Trek Emonda SL6
Listed as having 50/34 teeth on the front chain rings and 11-28 teeth on the cassette at the back, this gives a low gear ratio of 0.82 of a pedal turn moving your wheel all the way around. A very nice bike - carbon frame and great Ultegra components. If you like a bike you'll like one of these - I think it has that fancy suspension system too. Great ride.

PERFORMANCE $70 - 2016 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Sport
Listed as having 50/34 teeth on the front crank and an 11-speed cassette with 11-32 teeth on the back. This gives a 0.94 lowest gear, so 0.94 of a pedal turn moves your wheel all the way around. This is pretty low and might come in handy on a climb. 105 components are pretty good and you get a carbon frame. I've gone for one of these. Great value.

STANDARD $60 - 2015 Specialized Allez Elite
Specialized Allez is good value at $60. Aluminium frame. 50/34 on the front crank and 12-28 teeth on cassette at the back. So this is not quite as low as the Roubaix, with 0.82 of a pedal turn moving your wheel all the way around. I'd go for the Roubaix for an extra $10 if they have them in your size. You'll be OK on one of these, but the Roubaix seems particularly good value to me.

OK - remember to update the Sign-Up Page when you have ordered a bike and when you have completed your warm-up rides.

Go book!


Please rent from Race Pace Bicycles who have carbon road bikes for $75 per day.

They are  close to the Conference Centre and open until 8pm on Fridays.

Having contacted Nik from Race Pace in July to ask for a carbon bike for the day, he says :

Thanks for reaching out early and we can absolutely help you out with this rental.
You can simply tell your traveling mates to either call or shoot us an email and we will get them set up as well.
Thanks so much!

racepacebal @ gmail . com

They also do alumin(i)um road bikes for $45 per day or $150 per week if you fancy a cheaper option or a bit more time in the saddle.

Race Pace open at 10am on Saturday, but close at 8pm on Fridays.

We need to start at 8am on Saturday.

So please rent through Race Pace and arrange to pick up on Friday from Nik. He's been great in agreeing to allow us to collect bikes on Friday evening for a Saturday ride at no extra charge. 


We'll try to add some options as we find them, but stress once again that participants are responsible for sourcing a suitable bike.

There are lots of places on the Lake front that rent slow heavy bikes, and On The Route looks like a good store, but we need ROAD BIKES!

Here are some possibilities for starters - these are not recommendations:

  • Bobby’s Bike Hike runs at $70 / day for a reasonable Fuji road bike, $85 for 105 and carbon, full refund if cancellation >72 hours prior to rental.

Note that Bobby's offer a discount for groups of 15 or more, so please mention Velo Club de VIS as your organization if renting there as there is an outside chance we might get a group rate if enough of us book. 

Please get to Bobby's on Friday to get your bike fixed up - talk to Tom, he will be expecting you.

You need to take a LEFT where the LakeFront diversion is taking place. Follow diversion round the block and before you get to the BICYCLISTS DISMOUNT sign just before the beach - look behind you. You'll see a sign to Bobby's Bike Hike. SEE BELOW! Head under the tunnel and up the ramp at the far end. The shop is on your left.  

  • Lakeshore Bike seems to only have six road bikes available total; They run at $55 / day

  • Bike and Roll runs slightly pricier for both “fitness” and “road” bikes

Give us a hand if you know Chicago, find good solutions or have any feedback on any of these places.

If you get this far - by the beach or very close to the water then you have cycled past Bobby's. Turn around the sign is behind you ...

If you get this far - by the beach or very close to the water then you have cycled past Bobby's. Turn around the sign is behind you ...

Follow the sign through the underpass and up the ramp at the far end. Bobby's is over the road.

Follow the sign through the underpass and up the ramp at the far end. Bobby's is over the road.


Make sure you know how to rent Divvy Bikes for the Lakeshore Ride on Friday.