After a few enjoyable bike rides with VIS colleagues over the years we have established an open and informal road cycling club as a post-VIS tradition.

The Velo Club de VIS is a lightweight (dis)organization that aims to encourage IEEE VIS participants to ride together on a pre-determined route on the weekend following the conference.

We began with IEEE VIS’ own Tour de France - #LeTourDeVIS - in Paris in November 2015.

Our Terms of Reference are pretty straightforward. If you can  get a road bike to ride from near the conference centre then you can come along. Follow the links to find out how to participate in Le Tour de VIS 2015.

Follow @veloclubdevis and #LeTourdeVIS and see below, for latest news. 

Les Randonneurs du Velo Club de VIS

Jason Dykes,  Jo Wood,  Miriah Meyer

Ross Whitaker,  Danyel Fisher,  Wesley Willett


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