giCentre @ IEEE VIS 2016

23-28 October | Baltimore, MD 


Alam, S. & Jianu, R. (2016). Analyzing Eye-Tracking Information in Visualization and Data Space: from Where on the Screen to What on the Screen.[27th Oct, 1400-1540, Holiday 6 | open access publication]

Beecham, R., Dykes, J., Meulemans, W., Slingsby, A., Turkay, C. & Wood, J. (2016). Map LineUps: effects of spatial structure on graphical inference.
[25th Oct, 1615-1755, Key 3+4+6 | open access publication | paper webpage | InfoVis Honorable Mention]

Bouts, Q. W., Dwyer, T., Dykes, J., Speckmann, B., Goodwin, S., Henry-Riche, N., Carpendale, S. & Liebman, A. (2016). Visual Encoding of Dissimilarity Data via Topology-Preserving Map Deformation
[25th Oct, 1615-1755, Key 3+4+6 | open access publication]

van Goethem, A., Staals, F., Loffler, M., Dykes, J. & Speckmann, B. (2016) Multi-Granular Trend Detection for Time-Series Analysis.
[27th Oct, 1400-1540, Key 3+4+6 | open access publication]

Meulemans, W., Dykes, J., Slingsby, A., Turkay, C. & Wood, J. (2016). Small Multiples with Gaps.
[25th Oct, 1615-1755, Key 3+4+6 | open access publication | paper webpage]

Nguyen, P., Xu, K., Bardill, A., Betul, S., Herd, K. & Wong, W. (2016). SenseMap: Supporting Browser-based Online Sensemaking through Analytic Provenance
[27th Oct, 1400-1540, Holiday 4+5 | open access publication | paper webpage]

Turkay, C., Kaya, E., Balcisoy, S. & Hauser, H. (2016). Designing Progressive and Interactive Analytics Processes for High-Dimensional Data Analysis.
[26th Oct, 1030-1210, Holiday 4+5 | open access publication]


Andrienko, G., Andrienko, N, Budzjak, G., von Landesberger, T. & Weber, H. (2016). Exploring Pressure in Football.
[26th Oct, 1615-1755, Key 7-12 | open access publication | VAST Best Poster Award]

Henkin, R., Slingsby, A. & Dykes, J. (2016). Characterizing Visual Exploration Techniques for Temporal Data.
[26th Oct, 1615-1755, Key 7-12 | open access publication]

Liem, J., Wood, J. & Slabaugh, G. (2016). Flowstory: Storytelling for Improving Memorability and Comprehension.
[26th Oct, 1615-1755, Key 7-12 | open access publication]

Sathiyanarayanan, M. & Turkay, C. (2016). Determining and Visualising E-mail Subsets to Support E-discovery.
[26th Oct, 1615-1755, Key 7-12 | open access publication]

VAST Challenge

Wood, J. (2016). Visual Analytic Design for Contextualising Sensor Data.
[23rd Oct, 0830-1755, Holiday 4+5 | open access publication | Award for Outstanding Presentation | event


McCurdy, N., Dykes, J. & Meyer, M. (2016). Action Design Research and Visualization Design.
[24th Oct, 0830-1750, Holiday 4+5 | open access publication | event]

Sathiyanarayanan, M. & Turkay, C. (2016). Is Multi-perspective Visualisation Recommended for E-discovery Email Investigations?.
[26th Oct, 0830-1210, Holiday 6 | open access publication | event]

Other activities

[23rd Oct, 0830-1600,Baltimore and hinterlands]