The Velo Club de VIS is a lightweight (dis)organization that aims to encourage IEEE VIS participants to ride together following the conference each year.

After a few enjoyable bike rides with VIS colleagues over the years we marked IEEE VIS’ own Tour de France in 2014 by establishing an open and informal road cycling club as a post-VIS tradition. We use Strava to log rides and enjoy each other’s achievements throughout the year - here's the Strava Club - please join.

Bonded by our simple Terms of Reference and love of the saddle, we have cycled round the Château de Versailles, under the Tour Eiffel, along (and in a couple of cases almost into) Lake Michigan, through the fall leaves in Maryland, across the Arizona desert and from Berlin to Potsdam (almost). We have shivered, soaked, fixed flats, quaffed coffee, got lost, got found, got lost again, slugged red wine, gawped at cacti and powered through raging rain and wind together. Memories are logged with the #LeTourDeVIS tag. And we force ourselves into colourful tight jerseys.

The annual Tour de VIS is a full day ride of around 80-100 km completed at minimum pace of  20 kmh / 15 mph. There are plenty of stops en route and on request, and we make sensible decisions on the day in light of local conditions etc. But you do need to be able to cycle all day in a group at the minimum pace to participate. And we need to get to the airport in the late afternoon.

Feel like a ride? Read on and then head to the SIGN-UP page! Then get some miles in before the end of October. Log them on Strava.

The whole idea is to encourage you to stay physically and mentally fit by cycling throughout the year - so ride carefully ...

*no shoppers, grifters, choppers, sit-ups or hybrids - we're road biking on road bikes!


SATURDAY 26th OCTOBER 7am-1pm Vancouver, British Columbia

We will start early in twilight so that people can get back for afternoon flights - riding from 7am to 1pm - sunrise is at 7:45.

The weather record suggests that it shouldn't be too cold, but it might be wet. Do note, however, that weather is subject to change.

An 85-100km group ride at a steady pace (20 kmh / 15 mph) along a yet to be determined route on Road Bikes*

To participate :

  1. check the previous tours to get motivated

  2. comply with our straightforward Terms of Reference

  3. SIGN-UP to show that you are interested

  4. make sure you get a decent road bike to ride in Vancouver - order a Specialized Allez or equivalent as part of our group booking

  5. ride hard in the months before the event

  6. you might want to buy a club jersey

  7. attend the MeetUp at VIS - likely Thursday 24th Oct (TBC).

Be sure to get some miles in your legs before VIS in October: use #LeTourDeVIS as a challenge and excuse to get out on your bike and keep fit.

All riders must attend the MeetUp on Thursday to sign up, share contact details, discuss the route and riding and chat about bikes.

Remember, the ride will start at 7am and end by 1pm on Saturday  please bear this in mind when booking flights or signing up.


We had feedback from last year that the ride was too fast and demanding.

We also had feedback that it was too slow and sedentary.

And we didn't do too well at sticking together.

So here’s an idea …

Two rides, that begin together, end together, and offer some differences in between.

What could go wrong?

We start at English Bay, do a couple of laps of lovely Stanley Park, head out over the spectacular Lion’s Gate Bridge and then roll round the wiggly roads to Horseshoe Bay where there is good coffee.

Some of us head back over the bridge for a nice 62km ride.

Others push on at pace to Deep Cove, which involves a bit of a climb, but also has excellent coffee. They roll back to English Bay having clocked up 95km.

All rides complete by 1pm.


We aim to conduct rides with a ‘no-drop’ policy, so we like to ride a supportive manner as an Autobus at the pace of the slowest rider (la Lanterne Rouge) – no racing. We’re anticipating six hours of cycling art the minimum pace, but fitness levels do vary. So, depending on numbers and preference we may ride in groups - with established times and locations for rendez-vous. This will be determined at the MeetUp and on the day of the ride.

Rides aim to begin somewhere near to the conference and / or places where folks can rent bikes and hopefully be indicative of and sympathetic to local conditions and roadie culture. We head to cafes for food. We make sure people can get to the airport for the afternoon. If folks have rooms booked for Saturday then the Velo Club de VIS thing to do is to share - so people can drop bags, shower, get changed, etc.

Riders will participate at their own risk and should ensure that they are prepared, equipped and insured to participate in these activities and complete them safely. Even though 'un tour de vis' suggests a tough day out, we'll go gently. But be sure that you can complete the distance at the minimum pace, given the terrain. We travel at the pace of the slowest rider, so make sure you can do 20kmh for 80-10km - and enjoy getting fit in preparation!


Vancouver has some fantastic cycling right by the Convention Centre. So we are planning a ride around the bays and through the redwoods for Friday afternoon. This will be a leisurely / social ride, rather than the mad dash we plan on Saturday. Stay posted for news as plans develop.


If you are interested in finding out more and perhaps participating, then ...

  1. SIGN-UP for Le Tour de VIS 2018;

  2. Book a Bike or bring your own!

  3. follow @veloclubdevis, check #LeTourdeVIS and see below, for latest news;

  4. e-mail veloclubdevis@gmail to get in touch;

  5. get to the MeetUp at IEEE VIS in Vancouver for route sharing and local planning;

None of this commits you to riding*, but means that we'll let you know what's going on.

*Actually, booking a bike is quite a commitment. You only need to book a bike for the Saturday ride.

Les Randonneurs du Velo Club de VIS    -