Dr. Cagatay Turkay - EuroVis Young Researcher 2019

Cagatay receives the award from Prof. Min Chen of the Oxford e-Research Centre - University of Oxford.

Cagatay receives the award from Prof. Min Chen of the Oxford e-Research Centre - University of Oxford.

We're delighted and excited to congratulate Dr. Cagatay Turkay.

He was named as EuroVis Young Researcher 2019 at EuroVis in Porto.

The award recognises the outstanding scientific contributions Cagatay has made to the European Visualization community over the last 5 years. EuroVis is the primary conference and organization for visualization research in Europe.

The award acknowledges the series of outstanding contributions Cagatay has made to Visual Data Science. These have been established through visualisations, interactions, and computational methods that enable an effective combination of human and machine capabilities to facilitate data-intensive problem solving.

The committee particularly recognised Cagatay’s highly innovative and influential contributions in the visual analysis of high-dimensional data that are helping the community explore, develop and assess the roles and potential for Visual Data Science.

He was awarded a very heavy and sharp looking glass trophy that didn't;t seem particularly hand-luggage friendly.

City Data Science Institute launched

The giCentre is a member of the newly-launched City Data Science Institute, an initiative that brings together data intensive, AI and data visualisation expertise and data-driven research in a variety of disciplines such as healthcare, finance, energy, transport and the creative industries. This interdisciplinary hub is aimed at fostering collaborations by connecting experts across the University and in the wider community, including industry partners and other universities.

More information about other members and the full range of disciplines involved is available in the Institute’s website.

Panos Giannopoulos joins giCentre


Welcome to Panos Giannopoulos, who has joined the giCentre as a Lecturer in Algorithms/Computational Geometry. His research interests include geometric optimisation, approximation algorithms and fixed-parameter (in)tractability. He was previously at Middlesex University and holds a Habilitation from Free University of Berlin (Germany), PhD in Computer Science (Utrecht University) and MSc in Computer Science (Imperial College London).