A road club needs to show its colours. Especially a VIS one. Order below to receive club colours.

2019 - CLUB COLOURS with ZEZHONG WANG - Anna’s Hummingbird

We have been working on a design that reflects the Vancouver VIS venue. It is inspired by Zezhong Wang’s beautiful depiction of Anna’s Hummingbird - the democratically elected Official City Bird of Vancouver (a close run thing with the Northern Flicker) - in the VIS Student Volunteer T-Shirt Contest.


You can order the following items - all available in women’s or men’s cuts in a range of sizes and delievered to IEEE VIS* in Vancouver

(if you are not going to be at VIS we can Fed-Ex from Vancouver if you cover cost or deliver to a friend who is attending)

  • RACE FIT JERSEY - these are race jerseys - designed to make you sleek & aerodynamic, so sizing is >>TIGHT<<.

    This year they come with separate sleeves - a special deal! You will look fantastic.

    £65 per jersey / sleeves combo

  • SPORT FIT JERSEY - these are less sleek & aerodynamic, a little more forgiving, so sizing is more <<RELAXED>>.

    They are long sleeved this year and zip all the way down the front.

    £65 per jersey

  • WIND JACKET - new this year. Packable. See the PRIMAL site for details on the Women’s Wind Jacket and the Men’s Wind Jacket.

    £58 per jacket

  • MITTS - short finger glove. We need 10 confirmed orders to get these at present, although I am negotiating! (SM, MD, LG, XL only)

    £22 per pair

Sizes are described on the Primal Fit-Guide page. Study closely to avoid disappointment / breathing difficulties.

Orders Close 14th AUGUST


Prices are approximate and may change depending on numbers of orders. We have a (negotiated) minimum order number of 5 per item, so if we don’t get 5 we don’t order. This whole thing is based on trust (!), so please only sign up for an item if you are committed to ordering, I will order and pay for all of this on the assumption that you will pay me back. If not, I lose out. Real money. If I lose out, I will be glum on the ride and asking people to buy me lunch. :(

You don't need to ride to order. You can buy jerseys for your Mum, Dad, husband, wife, kids, grandchildren … but watch out, you will look a bit weird if you all go out on the road in the same kit at the same time, so do ring around to try to coordinate colours first.

Note that we we will not make any money out of this - design and ordering are all being done through volunteering and prices are at cost from PRIMAL plus postage to Canada for collection at the conference and a couple of quid to cover a jersey for our designer Zezhong Wang (hopefully).

Any questions / all inquiries to


Use the Velo Club de VIS 2019 Kit Order Form to let us know what you need.

We will make an order for each item logged through the form and be in touch for payment through PayPal.


Our club colours vary year by year - here are jerseys from previous years. We are no longer ordering any of this kit!