Slide show

If you are presenting your Processing sketches to others, or you wish to move between different sketches elegently, the SlideShow class can be used to create 'PowerPoint' / 'Keynote' style presentations that can include dynamic Processing sketches embedded within them.


Using the slide show class in Processing 

To create a slide show you will need to import the multisketch package with the line

import org.gicentre.utils.multisketch.*;

For full details of the methods available see the Multisketch API reference. See also, the SlideShowExample sketch supplied in the examples folder of the giCentre utilities library.

To create a slide show, you need to create a normal sketch that creates a set of slides in its setup() method and then adds them to a SlideShow object. This sketch holding the entire slide show should not have a draw() method since all the display is handled by the SlideShow. A minimal example is shown below.


Adding images and sketches 

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Output from simple bar chart sketch

// More code


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