giCentre Utilities

A collection of utilities to assist creating data visualization sketches with Processing

Packages in the library include colour utilities, statistical graphics, morphing classes, spatial utilities and map projections, text input/output classes and particle simulation. All are fully documented with example sketches to illustrate how to use them in your own Processing code.




Current release - gicentreUtils.zip V3.4.0 (6th February, 2016).

Archive of older versions and major changes since the previous release.


Source code - available from GitHub along with latest pre-release updates.



in Processing 3 - use the contributed library manager within Processing to install the library

In Processing 2 or older - Unzip gicentreUtils3.3.0.zip into the 'libraries' folder of your processing sketchbook.  


Charts - creating bar charts, scatterplots and line charts.  

Collision detection - How to rapidly detect proximity to many objects using hash grids.


Colour - How to create custom colour tables and use alternative colour spaces.

Easing - Creating animated transitions and other transitional effects with easing.


Ellipses - Summarising point distribution with standard ellipses. 

Map projections - Transforming between different global map projections. 


Timer - Timing sketch performance for efficient Processing design. 

Zoomer - Easy interactive zooming and panning around a sketch. 


Reference - for full details of the gicentreUtils classes, see the API reference, which is also included in 'reference' folder of the library.



Platform - MacOS X, Windows, Linux

Processing - Compatible with versions 1.5.x to 3.x (for Processing 2 or older, use gicentreUtils3.3.0.zip)


Dependencies - None. 

Keywords - data visualization; information visualization; geospatial. 


For queries about the library see the Processing forum or email us: gicentre 'at' city.ac.uk