Seminar - Fanny Chevalier, INRIA

Left-brain, Right-brain: Designing Interaction for Visual Analytics & Creativity

Thursday 13th July

11:00 - 12:30

BLG07 (University Building)


Dr. Fanny Chevalier has won awards at ACM CHI and ACM UIST for her innovative interactive interfaces to data and primary research that informs these designs. She also wrote one of the giCentre's favourite papers - Running an HCI Experiment in Multiple Parallel Universes from alt.chi in 2014.

The Apple iPad App of the Year for 2016 was the sketch-based animation system developed from her CHI 2014 work - released by Autodesk as SketchBook Motion.

We hope you'll come and see what is bound to be a highly entertaining and informative talk in which she will showcase her research and ideas. 

You can find out much more about Fanny's work, including impressive publications, videos and demonstrations, at

Bio - Fanny Chevalier

Dr. Fanny Chevalier is a Research Scientist at Inria, France, where she conducts research in data visualization and human-computer interaction.

In particular, she has been interested in  addressing the challenges involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of novel interactive tools supporting visual analytics and creative activities. Her primary foci in this work have been interactive tools for the visual exploration of rich and complex data; visualization education; the design and perception of animated transitions; and sketch-based interfaces.

Prior to joining Inria, Dr. Chevalier was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU), and Inria-Microsoft joint center in Paris. She obtained her PhD in Computer Science from the Université de Bordeaux in 2007. She is the recipient of an Inria grant for scientific excellence (PEDR) and her research papers have received awards at the premier venues in Human-Computer Interaction (ACM CHI, ACM UIST). Her work on sketch-based animation system from CHI 2014, released by Autodesk as SketchBook Motion has been awarded as the Apple iPad App of the Year for 2016. She has also consistently served in the organising and program committees for ACM CHI, ACM UIST and IEEE InfoVis conferences for the past five years.

Abstract - Left-brain, Right-brain: Designing Interaction for Visual Analytics and Creativity 

Analytic and creative tasks are often thought to be governed by opposite sides of the brain. On the one hand, creativity is typically considered right-brain: a spontaneous, free-form, and artistic pursuit driven by intuition. In light of these characteristics, creative authoring software has sought to preserve continuity across tasks during the creative process through direct manipulation. On the other hand, analysis is generally regarded as left-brain: a logical, methodical, and systematic process driven by rationale. It is not surprising, then, that current visual analytics tools continue to largely rely on an interaction model made up of a series of discrete operations to manipulate data.

But is there no creativity in analysis?

In this talk, Fanny argues that analysis is no less a creative process and that operationalization can hinder the creativity of analysis in exploratory scenarios. Just as creative authoring tools have aimed for directness, next generation visual analytics tools should also empower analysts through control and immediacy. She will demonstrate through a selection of her research that the same design principles can be applied to support continuous processes in both visual analytics and creative authoring endeavours and discuss prospective directions for visualization research that build on these principles.