Core Project Team


Cagatay Turkay

Cagatay is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Data Science and the PI of the project. In the context of NlViS, he is looking for ways to design new methods where natural language and data visualisation can work together within data analysis and having long discussions with Rafael. Further details are on the giCentre team page and his personal page.


Rafael Henkin

Rafael is the postdoctoral research associate in the project. Within NlViS, he is researching on the scope in which natural language and visualisation can complement one another in the context of data analysis, and also investigates the technical aspects to realise the ideas. the Further details are on the giCentre team page and on his personal page.

Collaborators & Affiliated Researchers


Rahul Powar

Rahul is the CEO and the founder of Redsift. Within NlViS, he is providing his vision and a market perspective of how the results of the project could put into use.


Richard Mann

Richard is a Director of Black Swan Data and is currently completing an MSC in Data Science at City.  He conducts his dissertation work within NlViS and is investigating the extraction and analysis of visual analytics narrative in academic journals.