My likely whereabouts in the next couple of weeks ...
0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800
16/07 Monday [L] long weekend
17/07 Tuesday [H] adm : catch-up
18/07 Wednesday [M] dignity [V] graduation [O]
19/07 Thursday [O] [T] ip [M] ms [O] [T] ip [T] ak [O]
20/07 Friday [H] res : ddd
23/07 Monday [L] family vacation
24/07 Tuesday [L] family vacation
25/07 Wednesday [L] family vacation
26/07 Thursday [L] family vacation
27/07 Friday [L] family vacation
30/07 Monday [O] [M] gi [T] ip [O] [M] giCentre
31/07 Tuesday [H] res :
01/08 Wednesday [O] [T] ip [O] [V] phd : ek
02/08 Thursday [O] [T] epm948 [O] [T] inm451 [O] [M] seminar
03/08 Friday [H] res :

Students should check my drop-in sessions and call in to my office - A401e - during these open-office hours.

If you can't make these, drop me a line suggesting a couple of times when I am in the office [O] and we can set up a meeting at an alternative time.