Hand-drawn sketchy rendering in Processing.

The Handy library allows you to produce graphics with a hand-drawn appearance in Processing sketches. This can be customised to produce a variety of styles including pencil, watercolour and ink and marker pen appearance.



Current release - handy.zip V. 1..0 (30th January, 2012).

Source code - available from github along with latest pre-release updates.


in Processing 2 - use the contributed library manager within Processing to install the library

In Processing 1 - Unzip into the 'libraries' folder of your processing sketchbook.  


Getting started - See using the Handy renderer to get going.


Reference - Detailed information about the Handy classes in the API reference, which is also included in 'reference' folder of the library.

TheorySketchy rendering for information visualization. Paper on the design and effects of sketchy rendering with Handy.


Examples of handy rendering



Platform - MacOS X, Windows, Linux

Processing - Compatible with versions 1.5.x to 2.x


Dependencies - None. 

Keywords - illustrative visualization; non-photorealistic rendering; sketching. 


For queries about the library see the Processing forum or email us: gicentre 'at' soi.city.ac.uk