Tour de TypeFace

A few of us headed to the Ditchling Museum of Art+Craft to see the  Underground Exhibition on Edward Johnston's calligraphy.

We cycled as a nice day was forecast and it's and National Cycle Challenge month and CITY has entered.

We took in much of the London-Brighton route, enjoyed high tide and stormy seas along the Undercliff between Brighton and Rottingdean and ended up at the beach in the evening.

Visual Analytics Award

Jo Wood has won an award for Outstanding Presentation of Patterns in Context in the VAST Challenge 2016 - Mini Challenge 2.

Jo developed visual analytics methods to show patterns in a steady stream of simulated operations data. These include smart building sensor data and locations recorded by 'prox cards' that monitor the movement of staff members in a 3-storey building. The analysis is intended to identify security issues and safeguard employees and demonstrates the kind of interactive designs or analysis that we produce at the giCentre.

Click to see the Visual Analytics approach described in a short video ...

Click to see the Visual Analytics approach described in a short video ...

Jo's specific approach is explained in a short video and his results will be presented, and award  received, at the IEEE VIS conference in Baltimore in October 2016.

Data Driven Storytelling

Jo Wood and Jason Dykes attended Dagstuhl 16061 on Data Driven Storytelling.

The meeting was coordinated by Sheelagh Carpendale (University of Calgary, CA), Nick Diakopoulos (University of Maryland, US), Nathalie Henry Riche (Microsoft Research, US) and Christophe Hurter (ENAC, FR) - all on the front row. It brought together key researchers in visualization and journalism from academic and industry.

Jo presented his work on the One Year Time Trial including his graphic depiction of Steve Abrahams' year of day and night riding.

Jason presented some ideas on self-expanatory exploratory interfaces, though he was better at producing examples of bad cases of various forms than good ones.

Participants in the Data Driven Storytelling workshop, Dagstuhl February 2016.