IEEEVIS - Research, Recognition, Exhibition

Jo Wood and Sarah Goodwin presented giCentre work in lavish surroundings at IEEE VIS 2015, held in the Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois.

Visualizing Personal Progress in Participatory Sports Cycling Events - Wood (2015)

Visualizing Personal Progress in Participatory Sports Cycling Events - Wood (2015)

Jason Dykes was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding performance as Conference Chair at IEEE VIS 2014 at the conference banquet.

Jo Wood's We Become the City  was showcased at 'Data Improvisations' an exhibition of innovative work exploring intersections between art and visualization. The exhibition took place at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Data Improvisations

IEEE Information Visualization - Posters

There will be five giCentre posters at IEEE InfoVis this year.

Work that will be presented at the meeting in Chicago, Illinois includes visualization to ...

Roger, Rafael, Kaisa and Sergi will be at the posters event on Weds October 28th, hoping to discuss their work.

Posters, abstracts and short movies are available through City's Open Access repository.

Seminar on Graphical Statistics - Prof. Antony Unwin

Prof. Antony Unwin of Universität Augsburg will be showing us why interactive graphical data analysis is important, and how it can be used with modelling to clean and explore data, detect trends, patterns and clusters and present results.

Graphical Statistics: Now you see it

Weds 14th October 12:30 - A130 

The seminar will uses datasets on movies and air crashes to illustrate three main ideas:

  1.  Graphical analysis is valuable -- and more difficult than it looks;
  2.  Many graphics are better than one -- however optimal the one may be;
  3.  Graphics and modelling complement each other well -- use them both.

Antony's group has pioneered the development of graphical methods in statistics and produced a whole host of innovative and elegant techniques for graphical data analysis. These are implemented in elegant software such as Mondrian, Manet and Gaugin.

Antony has just published Graphical Statistics with R.