Authoring and Storytelling of Personal Travel History

We all collect data about our travels. These can range from daily commutes to work to regular running or cycling sessions to less frequent long trips across the globe. Despite the personal interest we have in this type of data, we also lack tools and approaches for using this data to understand our habits, self-reflect on our activities, and share stories with our friends, our families, or our social networks. This PhD topic would investigate how visualization can help people in reminiscing and self-reflecting, both collectively and individually, about their past travel experiences.


  • Review of existing work on spatio-temporal trajectories visualization,
  • Study, design, implementation and evaluation of visualization authoring tools for creating and sharing personal travel visualizations,


  • Travels
  • Visualization / statistical graphics design
  • Human-centred design
  • Qualitative methods such as interviews and open coding
  • Design and prototyping skills
  • Web technologies (for development)

This topic was suggested by Dr Charles Perin. Please direct further enquiries to the giCentre.