Seminar - Miriah Meyer

Designing Effective Visualizations Through Design Study Research

Thursday 19th October

15:00 - 16:00

ELG01 (Drysdale Building)


Miriah Meyer is in London for the O'Reilly Velocity conference and will be visiting City to give a giCentre co-ordinated Departmental Seminar.

Miriah runs the Visualization Design Lab at the SCI Institute, University of Utah. She is well known in the visualization community for innovative visualization designs that have been used in a range of disciplines (MizBee, PathLine, MulteeSum, Poemage) and her authorship of the highly influential Design Study Methodology.

A great speaker (even with jet-lag), Miriah is well-known for her excellent TEDx and Pop-Tech talks on visualization and has received a host of awards and is listed as one of the top young innovators in MIT Technology Review's TR35.

For full details check the Biography and Abstract.