PhD Studentships at giCentre

Our school is offering a number of fully-funded, 3-year, full-time PhD studentships.

The giCentre is looking for excellent candidates with research interests that match those of the giCentre. Broadly, this is research that relates to developing and applying new techniques for visualizing data in a variety of contexts: from 'big data' to personalised data presentation, from visual analytics to visual story-telling, from cartography and GIS to statistical graphics. This is a great opportunity to work spend three years working in with the giCentre and Central London.

The doctoral studentship provides an annual tax-free bursary (£16,000 in 2015/16). Successful applicants will be expected to provide 3 hours per week support for teaching in the School. Continuation of the studentship after the first year is subject to confirmation of satisfactory progress.  

The school will judge candidate on the basis of academic achievement and potential to produce cutting edge-research.

The application deadline is 26th May 2016.

Please contact us if you're interested and would like to discuss your ideas. Either email or contact one of the giCentre staff directly. We will help you develop proposals that interest us, but initial ideas should come from you in the the proposals need to come from you to start with. Working with data visualisation and visual analytics, topics of interest include applying these techniques to helping understand uncertainty and data qualitydata analysis (particularly involving geographical and high-dimensional data ) and evaluation. We have expertise in these fields and across a range of application areas.

Full details about the studentships are available at:

Data Driven Storytelling

Jo Wood and Jason Dykes attended Dagstuhl 16061 on Data Driven Storytelling.

The meeting was coordinated by Sheelagh Carpendale (University of Calgary, CA), Nick Diakopoulos (University of Maryland, US), Nathalie Henry Riche (Microsoft Research, US) and Christophe Hurter (ENAC, FR) - all on the front row. It brought together key researchers in visualization and journalism from academic and industry.

Jo presented his work on the One Year Time Trial including his graphic depiction of Steve Abrahams' year of day and night riding.

Jason presented some ideas on self-expanatory exploratory interfaces, though he was better at producing examples of bad cases of various forms than good ones.

Participants in the Data Driven Storytelling workshop, Dagstuhl February 2016. 

IEEEVIS - Research, Recognition, Exhibition

Jo Wood and Sarah Goodwin presented giCentre work in lavish surroundings at IEEE VIS 2015, held in the Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois.

Visualizing Personal Progress in Participatory Sports Cycling Events - Wood (2015)

Visualizing Personal Progress in Participatory Sports Cycling Events - Wood (2015)

Jason Dykes was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding performance as Conference Chair at IEEE VIS 2014 at the conference banquet.

Jo Wood's We Become the City  was showcased at 'Data Improvisations' an exhibition of innovative work exploring intersections between art and visualization. The exhibition took place at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Data Improvisations