City Unrulyversity Visualization

Jason Dykes and Jo Wood are participating in the Spring Term of City's 'pop-up' University.

City Unrulyversity consists of workshops run by academics from City, intended to "inform, inspire, and empower the next generation of Tech City entrepreneurs".

Sessions are on Wednesday evenings at Unruly Media just off Brick Lane and bookable through EventBrite.  

Jo is "Telling Stories with Data Visualization" and Jason is exploring ways of "Using UX and Visualization to Give You an Edge?" with UX consultant Paula de Matos.

You can get reports of the sessions and see pictures through the @CityUnruly twitter feed.

Visualization Analysis & Design


Professor Tamara Munzner of the University of British Columbia visited the giCentre in early February.

Tamara gave a giCentre research seminar outlining the approaches to visualization presented in her new book Visualization Analysis & Design.

The book provides a comprehensive and systematic answer to the question - how do we design systems that use visual representations of data to help people carry out data dependent tasks more effectively?

The seminar did so too - introducing Tamara's framework for analyzing the design of visualization systems to ensure that designs are effective for particular tasks and data sets across a variety of application areas.

Research Excellence

The 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) data have been released. The exercise, carried out every 6 years by the UK higher education funding bodies,, is used to assess the quality of research in UK academic institutions. Research was divided into 36 thematic areas and rated on a 5 point scale in a categories including academic output, wider impact and research environment. 

The giCentre has provided an interactive visualization of the results that allow the 50,000 items of data and various ranking metrics to be explored.