PacificVis best paper award

Joint work between TU Eindhoven and the giCentre has won Best Paper at IEEE PacificVis in Yokohama, Japan. The paper presents a new way of schematising maps using curved edges that preserve the relative area of features.

The technique offers new design possibilities for geovisualization  that improve upon traditional automated simplification routines.

PhD scholarships available


The Department of Computer Science is offering three Doctoral Scholarships each valued at around £50,000 over three years. This provides an ideal opportunity for outstanding researchers to join the giCentre team. Applications must be completed by 14th March 2014.

The deadline for 2014 scholarships has now passed, but we still welcome enquires from anyone wishing to study at the giCentre.

Welcome to our newest member of staff


Welcome to Cagatay Turkay, the latest academic to join the staff at the giCentre. Catagay brings expertise in applied data science, specialising in interactive visualization of high-dimensional data, especially in the bioinformatics domain. After  period of growth for the giCentre, this brings the number of academics and researchers in the group to 14.